Fleet Race Friday

Fleet Race Friday
GHS, Brunswick, RCDS, and GA at Fleet Race Friday

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Mark and Terk Trophies

Following from NESSA:

NESSA has decided to use MIT as the host site for the 2018 NESSA Team Racing championship (Mark Trophy) and the NESSA Team Racing Tournament (Terk Trophy).  The Mark will be in FJs; the Terk will be in Fireflies.  This is what we did in 2016.

NESSA and Connecticut College tried for almost a year to come to an understanding regarding insurance. We appreciate everything the CC Coach Jeff Bresnahan did to try to make this a reality and we are grateful to  MIT's sailing director Fran Charles for his continuing support of High School sailing as well.

A Notice of Race will be posted by this weekend.  One change that you will notice from the past years is that HELMETS will be required to be worn by the competitors.  MIT will supply helmets for schools that do not own their own, but they have stated that "any type of helmet is acceptable."  Some of our member schools wear helmets on a consistent basis b/c it is a school rule.  One of our opponents this year and last has required that all visiting teams wear helmets at their site too.  My squad did not find that requirement onerous. 

At this time, the required wearing of helmets is not a long term goal of NESSA. I am sure there will be plenty of opportunity to discuss this issue over the next month and again at the Annual Meeting in November.  That said, our host asks us to do it, and the NESSA officers, Teams Event Chair, and several prominent coaches, thought it was a small price to pay to gain access to a great facility.

Additional, here is the 2018-2019 NESSA Championships site locations:

Healy - American YC (Rye, NY) in conjunction with the MASSA single handed championship.

O'Day - The Hotchkiss school (FJs)

Herreshoff - Bowdoin College (FJs and Turbo 420s)

Teams - SailMaine (Turbo420s)

Questions, comments, or concerns can be addressed to an ExComm Member.

Sunday, April 15, 2018

O'Day and Herreshoff venue assignments

The O'Day is a week away.  Here are some more details.

1) Site assignments are attached.  There are three schools that are not yet to the 3 meets/regatta threshold.  If you haev results that will prove you are there, please share them with me.

2) Deadline to withdrew without penalty is 48 hours prior to report time, which would be 0830 on Thursday April 19, 2018.  This is especially important for those schools who are on probation (see attached list).  Since some schools did not get their first or second choice site, please let Jonathan or me know if you are withdrawing as soon as you can, so we can offer re-assignment to some schools if possible.

3) Qualifying sites will start building their Tech Score sites this week.  Those sites will have logistically information, SIs, and rotations posted.  Please check there first for information- https://scores.hssailing.org/

4) Along those lines, please make sure that your team lists are updated and your Tech Score account is active.  All Race participation (RP) info will be recorded on-line and the responsibility of the coach/adult supervisor.  Inaccurate or incomplete RP info is a costly penalty.

5) Finally, remember it is an ISSA/NESSA rule that you must wear a USCG approved PFD.  Failure to do so is also a big team penalty.

There are a lot of moving parts this weekend, but if everyone takes care of their own stuff, it will go smoothly.

Monday, March 26, 2018

A few regatta reminders:


Additionally,  " Schools must sail at least three scheduled meets or regattas prior to the championship between two or more schools in the season that the championship is being held (fall or spring).   NESSA District Rule Article K, section D.   
To submit results of any meet or regatta, please see below,

(2)  TEAMS:
  • Registration for the NESSA Teams (Mark & Terk Trophies) closes at 2359 on Sunday April 1, 2018.  
  • To registered completely you must, fill out the on line registration form here- TEAMS 
  • Upload your schedule using the NESSA Team Racing Form (attached).
  • If you want to represent NESSA at either the Baker or the NIT this year, Pay your $500 Air Line ticket deposit
  • You can pay your Pay your regatta fee using PayPal link on the NESSA web page but you are not required to until your school is accepted into the regatta.
  • TEAMS list of registrants
  • The 2018 NESSA Team Race Standings page is posted on the website.  
  • To report a score, follow the procedure outlined in this document, also posted on the website in the "RANKING" section.
  • Baker Airline Ticket info:
    • Cost: $7,000/team for 10 tickets.
    • Outbound Travel: Boston, MA (BOS) - San Diego, CA (SAN)
      Date: Friday, 25 May 2018
      Flight: 2819
      Depart: 7:08 am
      Arrive: 10:25 am
      Stops: 0
      Return Travel: San Diego, CA (SAN)-Boston, MA (BOS)
      Date: Sunday, 27 May 2018
      Flight: 20
      Depart: 9:03 pm
      Arrive: 5:34 am (next day)

That is all for now.

Saturday, March 17, 2018

On Fri, Mar 16, 2018 at 9:28 PM, Rob Hurd <rshurd@hotmail.com> wrote:
Happy Spring - I think.  Many programs are starting next week.  Before you get going, here are a few housekeeping items.

1) Membership if you are not listed as "active", you are not a 2017-2018 member of NESSA/ISSA.  
A. If "Pending", all you need to do it pay your dues.
B. If "Inactive", log on and update your school's information, then download & pay your invoice.

2) Regatta registration. Registration for the O'Day, Herreshoff, and Teams is going well.  
  • Links to all three registration forms can be found on the NESSA Schedule page
  • To see a Registration list, click on the regatta name on the schedule page
  • Click on the "Reg" tab next to the regatta name.
    • NESSA Fleet Racing Championship (O'Day Trophy) - 2018
    • Herreshoff Qualifier 
    • NESSA Team Racing Championship (Mark & Terk Trophies) - 2018
Remember though:
  1. Registration window closes for all three regattas on Sunday April 1, 2018 at 2359 EDT.  That about 2 weeks from tomorrow.
  2. Payments must be made for the O'Day and Herreshoff prior to the close of registration.  The link to the NESSA PayPal account is  on the NESSA homepage (right side middle). 
3) Team Racing Scores database is being built over the next two weeks.  Again not a current NESSA member, good chance you won't be included.

4) Rosters and Tech Score.  All NESSA regattas will be using Tech Score.  In order for it to operate properly, the NESSA/ISSA database must be populated at least 24 hour prior to the event.  Many schools do not fully know the composition of their squad's at this point, I get that, but make a note on your calendar to update the roster asap.  RP penalties are 20 pts/ division.

All of these reminders have a common theme - personable responsibility.  Once April 1st rolls around the volunteers that make up the ExComm would like to focus on coaching and training their teams.  When you take care of responsibilities for your school early, it makes our collective jobs easier and for that,we thank you.